Why determine your target audience before making your videos?
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Why determine your target audience before making your videos?

Romain Harter
Romain Harter
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Promoting an offer, explaining a concept, demonstrating an expertise, there are many examples to explain the interest of marketing videos. In order to produce useful content, it is essential to clearly define your target and your audience.

Minidoc, experts in the creation of professional video content such as corporate films and motion design videos, explains why this step is essential for maximum engagement of the target audience.

Understanding the objectives of a video marketing

As the name suggests, video marketing is a methodology that integrates the video format into a market strategy to move the prospective customer along the buying or engagement journey.

This format requires specific steps to place the target as a human entity at the heart of its strategy.

The steps to making a professional film

In order to make a video clip, a presentation film or a promotional video, audiovisual production companies and filmmakers follow certain essential steps, including

- Defining the objectives: this stage aims to set the broad outlines of the project. Promoting a product, services or highlighting certain characteristics of a company means agreeing on the tone, the media and the message. For these three points, it is necessary to know the target.
- Preparation: choice of setting, equipment and people.
- Filming, which takes into account the reality of the company and the constraints linked to its smooth running.
- Post-production, which involves the final settings and adjustments to suit the client.

People at the heart of the video marketing strategy

One of the key points of video marketing is that it is a persona-centred strategy. This means that the human being is at the heart of the strategy and that without the target audience no strategy is possible. Videos are also the ideal medium to interact with the audience and capture their attention.

Personas are projections of typical or ideal customers that allow advertisers or sales people to identify themselves in order to refine their video marketing approach. It is therefore imperative to know your target audience before defining personas.

The power of storytelling in videos

Storytelling is a technique used in copywriting to help the reader project and identify with a story. This method requires a great deal of empathy and the ability to put yourself in the place of your client. It therefore requires a thorough knowledge of your target audience before you start writing.

When applied to video marketing, this technique becomes much more powerful, as video is much more immersive content than text. Determining the target audience beforehand is crucial to defining the setting, the music and the story.

Defining the target audience comes down to defining the right video format

Since all professional videos have specific steps to follow, they all have a common denominator. This is the target, the audience or the client companies.

The best response is therefore the format chosen to capture the attention and convert the visitor into a customer.

The corporate film, carrier of a brand's values

The purpose of the corporate film is to present all aspects of a company, its values and perspectives to different audiences in the context of communication. It is one of the fundamental models used to make the audience aware of the important points of its message.

It can have different angles of approach depending on whether it is used for external or internal communication. The choice of music, the setting and the voice-over are all immersive elements that contribute to the humanisation of the company and the impact of its message.

The presentation video 

Motion design has the particularity of addressing a varied audience. Once the target audience is defined, it is the answer that can be used in a wide range of situations as part of your strategy. This format can be used for :

- Companies and professionals wishing to highlight a product or concept.
- Institutions to promote new services or start a recruitment campaign for example.
- Public places, to raise awareness and encourage visitors to take a particular action: leave contact details, attend a conference or visit a specific place for example.
- Tourist offices to promote the merits of a destination.

Video marketing: order your professional films with Minidoc

Minidoc has been a leader in professional audiovisual design and production for years. We are the ideal partner if you want to implement a video marketing strategy. With a wealth of experience and numerous achievements, we can help you define your target audience and propose the right solution.

Personalised support by our experts

When you commission a corporate film, motion design or any other multimedia content, Minidoc assigns you a personal project manager. He or she will be available and flexible and will accompany you at every stage of your project.

His or her expertise in the field of audiovisual productions will enable him or her to advise you on the best format for your needs. Furthermore, our policy is to provide you with professional quality work at a freelance price, i.e. in line with the best rates on the market.

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Check out our videos to get an idea

Do you already know your target audience? Why not take a look at our work? By doing so, you will be able to determine a format that fits your marketing video strategy.

You will discover inspiring videos that have contributed to the success of our clients, who include leaders in their industry. Please also feel free to contact our team to request an appointment.

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