Video: some figures on its use in marketing strategy
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Video: some figures on its use in marketing strategy

Ayméric Boullé
Ayméric Boullé
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The video format has many advantages, whatever the marketing strategy to be adopted: internal communication, sales or conquering new markets. Whether it's a corporate film, a product presentation or an interview, videos attract, captivate and encourage memorization. Follow the explanation from our experts at Minidoc.

What are the benefits of video?

Video has become an indispensable contribution to any marketing strategy. As the market dictates, it has become the most sought-after medium on the Internet, with over 80% of queries, ahead of written content (15%) even though the latter is also indispensable. For companies, this content format is essential for internal and external communication.

The immense influence of an audiovisual production on Internet users

With the YouTube medium, video has found a particularly powerful distribution vector. Every month, this represents more than one billion hours of content and above all, two billion users who connect to the platform, including 44 million French people. In other words, it is an inexhaustible and very liquid market.

The main effect is that videos have become an everyday consumer product, easy to acquire and use. Across all platforms, 62% of people watch videos and 53% expect more content to be available. It is estimated that by 2021, this will account for 82% of internet traffic. Can you imagine? In France alone, 42% of French people do daily viewing.

Concrete benefits in terms of sales and conversion rates

The influence of video and the upheaval it has brought to the habits of Internet users must be taken into consideration when developing an effective marketing strategy. This synergy with the public has several decisive advantages:

- A significant increase in the conversion rate, much more than with other formats. This has a direct impact on a sale. Studies have shown that 74% of Internet users who have watched a product explanation video have become buyers, which is considerable.

- Better recall of a brand or a brand name. This is the purpose of the corporate film, for example, thanks to both visual and audio content, which creates a unique atmosphere that tends to humanise the issuing company.

- Higher traffic and click-throughs, thus better engagement and the arrival of many visitors to a page, blog or business site.

Marketing strategy: the principles of a successful video

While the video format undeniably brings fresh and dynamic content, more engaged targets as well as significantly higher conversion rates, it is however essential to build your marketing strategy properly. Two questions must be asked: who is the target? Then, on which indicators should you base your analysis?

Defining the target of your corporate video

Knowing your customer means first of all being able to determine their interests. It is up to the company to know what interests Internet users and what their offers are able to solve as everyday concerns.

The next point regards the consumption habits of visitors in order to adapt the format of the video (classic corporate film, presentation, motion design for example). Are they used to watching 30-minute webinars or more succinct and dynamic broadcasts? Finally, are they using their mobile or a computer?

The last point regards the platforms and channels of distribution, depending on the age group of the visitors. Older people will be more present on LinkedIn or Twitter for example.

Selecting strategic objectives for your audiovisual production

Designing or commissioning a specific video edit also depends on the result you want to achieve. To do this, you need to monitor a set of indicators called KPIs (Key Process Indicators) according to objectives such as:

- User engagement and awareness. On YouTube, for example, this will be the number of views, watchtime, number of subscribers and likes. On social networks, it will be necessary to observe the number of impressions of your ads and mentions of your brand.

- Visitor conversion. The indicators will be the click-through rate, the CTR (click-through-rate) on YouTube end screens or the opening rate of your newsletters and emails. The analysis of the time spent on the pages is also a very good indication of success.

- Commercial objectives. The increase in the number of contracts linked to a viewing and the number of requests for demo videos are good measures of your success.

The reasons to choose Minidoc for your marketing strategy

A specialist in audiovisual communication and present alongside companies for several years, Minidoc produces video content on demand. Aware of their clients' needs, we respect criteria of speed, reactivity with pricing aligned with freelance professionals.

Order tailored content

To see how well Minidoc can meet your needs, just look at the work we do with many satisfied clients. A section of our site is dedicated to demand-driven work that meets strategic needs.

If you want to promote your know-how and your image, order a corporate film. This is the solution for distributing content that is both attractive and informal, with a clear message. Do you want to stand out with a dynamic image of your company? Then motion design is for you.

Choose the options that will make your content irresistible

In addition to a film structure that differs according to your objectives, Minidoc offers you a range of options that will make your film an undeniable added value to your communication tools. Moreover, this will allow you to adjust the request to your budget.
Voice-over, subtitling or storyboard, everything is possible! You should also know that the options also concern the acquisition of images with infinite possibilities. For aerial shots, ask for the drone and you will have a breathtaking presentation.

To find out the extent of our possibilities for making your film, do not hesitate to contact our experts.

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Ayméric Boullé
Ayméric Boullé
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