Corporate film: How to prepare your shoot
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Corporate film: How to prepare your shoot

Romain Harter
Romain Harter
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The corporate film is your company's showcase in digital format. It is the essential asset of your external communication to seduce and convince new customers.

Preparing the filming well is essential, both for the company and for the audiovisual production company. Minidoc gives you its expert advice for a successful corporate film.

Preparing the corporate film: premises and staff

To represent your company well with a corporate film, preparation for the shoot is essential on several levels. The exterior, the interior of the building and the premises must be highlighted. In addition, the staff who will be involved in the video must be warned and prepared accordingly in order to best represent the company and what it wishes to highlight. 

The shooting of the corporate video on location

Often, the choice of the exterior for a corporate film reflects a desire to promote the values of the organisation. Images of the ocean with an atmosphere created by the crashing of the waves will create an atmosphere of serenity. Companies that choose this type of setting want to highlight a healthy situation, a solidity in the face of any situation.

The exteriors of the premises can also be filmed if the setting allows. It is up to the company that wishes to film them to prepare them so that they are shown in their best light. This is the first image left by the company and is the one that will naturally have the most impact on the audience.

This is often the example given for companies committed to an ecological and responsible approach that show their facilities. They are keen to highlight this essential value.

Preparation of the staff for the shoot

Making a company film very often involves the participation of staff or certain members of the management. As in the case of an interview-type video, preparation is necessary in order to give the best possible value to the company and to get the message across clearly.

The other aspect to consider before filming is that of confidentiality. Within the framework of the law, the participants will have to sign a document confirming their agreement to be filmed. Of course, dress and appearance are important in order to present the best possible image of the brand that the employees represent.

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Sequences within the premises

The interior shots of a corporate film reveal the intimacy of a company, how it works, but also the working atmosphere. It is essential that professional spaces and workshops are in order to reflect both efficiency and well-being. There is a valuation method well known to real estate experts called "home staging".

While this marketing technique makes it easier to sell a property, it is also proven to promote a positive business image.

For the shoot, the entrances must be cleared, the background must be enhanced to give an impression of space and the interior must be arranged to create a special atmosphere. In order to make the corporate video a success, it is even possible to call on the services of a decorator.

Audiovisual production company: preparing the video and plans properly

The corporate film is a classic for audiovisual production companies. This is the core business of Minidoc, for example. The professionals will take care to prepare each step and to choose the right material for the interior and exterior shots.

What are the steps to shoot a corporate video ?

Creating a corporate video is a team effort between the company and the audiovisual production company. It starts with the kick-off meeting to bring together the stakeholders, present the project and provide the details that will allow the filming to take place. What are the communication objectives? Who is the film intended for?

This meeting will also help define the message to be conveyed and its context: an information message about an event, a behind-the-scenes presentation of the company or a promotional clip, for example.

Before shooting, the audiovisual production company will have to set up a scenario, identify the locations and carefully prepare the equipment for the various shots. Technical constraints (availability of people and locations, weather) must also be taken into consideration.

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The choice of equipment to shoot the institutional video

Although it is theoretically possible to use a smartphone to make a video, the success of a corporate film depends above all on its quality. It is preferable to entrust the production to professionals equipped with top-of-the-range equipment for a perfect sound and image. For the camera, you should pay attention to parameters such as

- Definition: 1080p is considered the minimum. Depending on the project, it can go up to 6k.
- Integrated stabilisation: this device has the advantage of eliminating image shaking linked to the handling of the camera. This allows for smooth movements.
- The aperture size, noted f/N. If the N is low, the light input is high, which allows for greater image sharpness.
- The battery life, so that there are no surprises during the shooting.
- The prompter, which is increasingly used, brings serenity and naturalness to the speakers during interviews.

For outdoor filming, the professional quality drone will be the best ally for your aerial shots.

Prepare your corporate film with Minidoc

Trust Minidoc to produce your professional videos. Our audiovisual production agency will be able to highlight your company and increase its notoriety thanks to content that is both impactful, dynamic and attractive.

Order in a few clicks on our platform

In order to facilitate exchanges between our clients and our experts, Minidoc has set up an intuitive and easy to use platform. Order your film in just a few steps. The first step concerns the format and duration. Add the necessary options for a corporate film that reflects your image.

You can also send us the visual elements you have, such as your logo, graphic charter and the photos you wish to insert. The standard processing time is 5 working days after the shooting date to receive a first version of your video.

Benefit from support for the realisation of your project

Minidoc supports you at every stage of the production of your video by assigning you a single project manager as your main contact. Certain options are available for greater transparency during the production process, such as script development and storyboarding.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team for any further information.

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