Animated GIF: how to create and use it in digital communication
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Animated GIF: how to create and use it in digital communication

Romain Harter
Romain Harter
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GIF (Graphic Interchange Format) is a compressed graphic exchange format, similar to JPG (or JPEG), commonly used on the Internet. It is possible to make an animation using several images in the same file. How do you make an animated GIF and, above all, how do you use it best?

Minidoc answers.

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How to create an animated GIF?

By definition, an animated GIF is composed of a succession of images which, when put together, form a small video. The video has no sound and runs continuously, without a stop function. GIFs are widespread on the Internet because the images are quick to download and the animations are often entertaining.

The different types of animated GIFs

Before using an animated GIF with a social network or blog, it is important to know which type it belongs to, as there are different ways of creating it for different effects.

You will find in particular:

- Reaction animated GIF: This is usually used to enhance any comment a user makes online. The looping images express the emotion the user is feeling or trying to convey at that moment. Regardless of the emotion, reaction GIFs usually make the viewer laugh, especially if the image is used in a clever way in reaction to a particular topic.
- Cinematic GIF: This is a hybrid visual, mixing still elements with animation. The viewer does not experience a looping event, but an event that progresses continuously in time. With a limited number of images, this GIF leaves an impression of serenity and calm.
- Technical animated GIF: Technical GIFs are interactive, as opposed to a black and white graphic on a PowerPoint slide. Video marketing combined with a technical GIF creates an even more profound animation experience.
- Replay: This type of animated GIF allows you to replay a sports sequence or a film clip. The advantage of this animation is that it is much lighter than a conventional video clip. This style of GIF can also be useful for the marketer who wants to share company news or associate a specific event with their company.

How to create a short animation video in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a reference in image processing and retouching. It has a rich palette of tools to give a photo or drawing the best possible quality without loss. It is also possible to create an animated GIF in Photoshop.

Photoshop allows you to create an animated GIF in two ways: from a series of photos or from a video if it is not too long. This is done by using the "import" function in the "file" menu.

The third step is to create a new animation of images from the "edit" menu in "window". Then the individual images that make up the animated GIF are recreated from the layers. All that remains is to export the work.

Why make animated GIFs a core part of your digital strategy

The dynamic nature of the animated GIF and its low weight mean that there are many marketing implications. Any company that is active on the Internet can use them, from Facebook posts to mailing campaigns to corporate blogs. It can be used as a complement to a corporate video, for example.

Using an emotional marketing strategy

Traditional marketing is not as effective as it used to be because technology has come along. The animated GIF is the symbol of this trend.

Emotion sells, and GIF and motion design animations are more effective in spreading the message through engaging and captivating content for the viewer.

Be at the heart of the trend with GIF animations

Each age group has its own pop culture or geek culture. Building audience loyalty also means using the codes specific to each community. Moreover, any marketing strategy includes the fact that the act of buying is an impulsive decision that can be encouraged by the use of an animated GIF or a punchy video presentation.

These are contents that take up the codes of the target culture (for example, Goldorak generation, Netflix, Lord of the Rings, Games of Thrones...). The animated GIF acts as a loyalty lever.

Creating buzz from animated GIF memes

All content creators want their work to go viral and be massively disseminated. The advantage of a buzz is that it provides an appreciable surplus of visibility, which is not to be neglected for a company.

Memes have a strong potential to go viral. They immediately attract attention because they express a complex idea based on common habits and behaviours in a generally humorous way. The animated GIF is the perfect format for this.

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The benefits of video content with Minidoc

Minidoc is an audiovisual production company with a wealth of experience in making videos that will be powerful marketing tools for your company. You will find content formats adapted to all your needs, as easy to distribute as an animated GIF.

Order attractive and dynamic videos that generate engagement

If you want to attract the attention of the public, commission motion design content. Personalized and unique, it will be your guarantee of professionalism and the ambassador of a dynamic and modern image of your company.

Motion design has the same qualities as animated GIFs. It is longer and has a soundtrack, which is very important for enriching the atmosphere and reinforcing the message to be transmitted. It is not intended for the same platforms and can very well be conceived as a complementary marketing tool.

Benefit from the best video creation services

Minidoc is a modern audiovisual agency with a thorough understanding of web tools and platforms. In a few clicks, place an order or make an appointment with our experts who will guide you through each step of the creation process. You will receive your video as soon as possible.

For further information, you can also contact us using the form available on our homepage.

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